The Pirate's Rest is a family run business that takes pride in producing the finest quality fish & chips using the best ingredients.
This approach is complimented by our friendly service.

A family run, family friendly business, owned by a Local Penzance family. Rob Tredinnick, Vikki Edge and son Jack Edge are the proud owners of The Pirates Rest in Penzance.We’re passionate about great tasting food and are committed to producing consistently high quality products and excellent service to our customers.

Rob began his career in catering in 1999 working in the kitchens of hotels until he found his niche as a fryer in his then local fish and chip shop in Newquay. Always wanting to come home Rob moved back to Penzance in 2009 and continued to work in fish and chips until Rob and his partner Vikki bought The Pirates rest in Penzance in December 2012. A traditional fish and chip take away and restaurant to be run by the family.

Our Fish and Chips

We’re passionate about great tasting food and are committed to producing consistently high quality products and excellent service to our customers. We use not only the finest fish and potatoes. Wherever possible our fish comes from sustainable fisheries and the potatoes from local farmers.

Sustainable Fish

We take great pride and care to ensure that all our fish is sustainable and from approved fishing grounds. Our fish is all legally caught on regulated vessels that comply with all quotas so whilst your fish and chips will undoubtedly taste fantastic, you can enjoy them with a clear conscience.
As with everything we do, we like to prepare our fish each and every day on the premises. Our Cod and Haddock are caught in the North East Atlantic/Barrants Sea. Our catch is caught and filleted then frozen at sea within 5/6 hours of being hauled aboard. So rest assured when you get your fish cooked by Rob in our light crispy batter, it is as fresh as it can be!

Real Chips

Our chips are prepared daily on the premises using fresh potatoes sourced directly from the best local farms. We like to use Maris piper, renowned for their frying qualities, producing chips that are golden in colour, crisp on the outside and light and fluffy on the inside. Sources can change as often as weekly so Rob and the family personally taste and select the best available to ensure that you will be getting the perfect chip every time.

Traditional methods

We believe in traditional methods that keep our fish and chips tasting as good as you remember them to be when you were just a little kid. We swear by beef dripping which gives our fish and chips our unrivalled distinctive West Country taste.

We only use the highest quality beef dripping which we regularly replace. This is then recycled.
Traditional values play a major part in the operating of our business. We soak our peas overnight, seven days a week, preferring to cook them fresh every morning rather than use the tinned variety. Often, we can be found in the preparation room hand making batches of our own cod fishcakes and mushy pea fritters. It is far less time consuming and often cheaper to buy these products from a wholesaler but what would be the fun in that? 

On a Friday in the UK 20% of meals purchased outside the home are from a Fish and Chip Shop.

Fish and Chips have third of the calories of other popular take aways and represent just 30% of a females recommended calorie intake and 23% of a males.

They also have a massive 42% less fat than a donner kebab and a third less than a whopper meal from Burger King.

Fish and chips have 9.4 grams of fat per 100 grams, beating other take aways – the average high street chain burger has 14.8 grams and French fries have 15.5 grams.

We only fry chunky chips, the healthy alternative. More potato and less surface area to absorb fat. Just the best potatoes nothing else will do! Peeled and chipped freshly on site every day.

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